ux examples

My favorite description of UX: You go to open a door with a "C" curved handle. Do you push or pull the door to get it to open?

This is a standard usability issue, because many times the design gives you incorrect usability signals.  You have to try both ways before getting the door open. My work is researching and designing to make sure that that isn't an issue by making things easy to use. This example was written about by Don Norman in his book "The Design of Everyday Things".

Find a Provider Usability Study*

Find a Provider Usability Study

Testing the usability of the search tool on the UCare public facing website to see how it could be improved and thus increase user engagement with the tool

Strategies used: Heuristic Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Usability Testing, Surveys, Journey Mapping

Interviews about the onboarding process*

Member On-Boarding Process:

A study for Citi Bank about the likelihood and reasons motivating behind users to continue through all of the onboarding process steps. This consisted of interviews with participants and utilization of provided wireframes to also understand UI affects.

Interviews about PII & Chat Bots*

Mobile Chat Bot with PII

These interviews helped to understand customer comfort levels in sharing confidential and nonconfidential personal identifying information (PII) with a chatbot, as well as how they would want to share that information within that system.

Strategies Utilized: Competitive Audit, User Interviewing, Wireframing, High-Fidelity Prototyping, Concept Testing, Participant Pre-work


Interviews and Interactions regarding UCare Online Portals

This involved interviewing members both formally and informally at various company pop-ups, as well as, listening in on Customer Service calls and talking with Customer Service Reps - on both Member and Provider sides. This research allowed me to create member journey maps for different situations and learn about members in general.


Analysis and restructuring of the information architecture of healthinsurance.org

This project sought to understand why it was no longer on the first pages on Google search results, and ultimately push their site back to the first page. They had fallen to page 10 and believed it had to do with the architecture of their site and therefore had me do different research to help redesign their information layout.

Strategies Utilized: Heuristic Analysis, Tree Testing, Card Sorting, User Interviewing, Wireframing, Google Analytics